Event Cancellations & Weather Info

Several events and times have changed or been cancelled due to weather concerns. BUT, crazy winter weather won’t stop all the fun! Check the updated schedule of events (linked below) for everything that’s been cancelled, changed, or is running as normal.

Updated Schedule of Events


It’s true, cold really IS cool, and that’s what Frostival is all about. Get yourself ready for 6 WHOLE WEEKS of winter fun!

Frostival 2022 dates have not been released yet, but stay tuned! You can expect all the same events you’ve come to love over the years such as cardboard sled races, winter kickball, volleyball, and disc golf, massive bouncy castles, snow sculpture competitions, and so much more!

What is Frostival All About?

Frostival is all about celebrating the “cool” of winter with outdoor events, concerts, and family-friendly activities across our North of Normal city, Fargo, and its sister cities West Fargo and Moorhead. Grab your friends, bring your spirit of adventure (and maybe some mittens) and join us in making cold, cool.

Frostival Gear

Looking to relive your Frostival experience or get ready for next year? Stock up on Frostival gear here!

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