Bearding Competition

About Bearding

Bearding is the sport of growing, grooming and presenting one's facial hair.

So bring your family or friends;  the bushiest, the most stylish and the weirdest,  to showcase those chops, bristles, and whiskers and become the upper Midwest's facial hair connoisseur.

Bearding isn't just a sport, it's a movement. One where we can come together and "grow" from the power within yourself, to be the best you can. Your power of the beard can give you the confidence and strength to reach your full potential every single day. The power of the beard is contagious.

Live on the razors edge and join us in our growing community!

Bearding Competition Divisions

Anyone can participate this year! 
Event registration is open. Free event t-shirt with online registration.

Contestant options are as follows:



Distinguished by having hair that grows only above the corner of the mouth.


  • Natural
  • Styled



Facial hair along the jaw line, that does not connect from ear to ear.


  • Chops
  • Goatee
  • Alaskan Whaler
  • Styled



Includes moustache and beard connecting from ear to ear.


  • Natural, business casual (2" or under)
  • Natural, under 8"
  • Natural, over 8"
  • Full beard + styled moustache
  • Freestyle



Anything that looks like a beard or moustache goes. Get weird!


  • Moustache
  • Beard
  • Junior beard or moustache (ages 17 and under)

Please note: Depending on the number of registrants, categories may be adjusted at a later time.


Each contestant, even if he registered online, will come to the registration booth to check in, receive a contestant number and participate in pre-judging to determine whether he is entered in the correct category.

Judging will consist of two phases:


All contestants in a given category will line up and be judged by number. Finalists will be selected to move on to final judging.

Each category will complete phase one before final judging occurs.


During final judging, the finalists will line up on stage and judges will evaluate each from a given category. At this point, judging will conclude for the category, and winners announced.

Judging will be based on size, quality, color, style & presentation, durability, creativity, and individuality.

Size: the overall length, width, girth and density (fullness) of the hair. Beards are measured from the bottom of the lip to the end of the longest follicle that hangs naturally (meaning not stretched). Moustaches must stop at the corner of the mouth. Moustaches growing below the corner of the mouth will be considered partial beard.

Quality: the graduation, taper, angle and thickness of individual hair follicles; the precise grooming (fly away hairs), sheen and symmetry of the facial hair.

Color: the natural color of the hair: multi-color blending, natural lightening or graying, vibrancy, consistency or variation.

Style & Presentation: Does the facial hair fit the man? Does it compliment the man’s overall style? These are considerations for the judges. How is the wearer of the facial hair’s attitude, attention to the crowd, attire or overall look.

Durability: In freestyled and ‘fake’ facial hair, this refers to the practical wearability and craftsmanship of the beard. Will the look fall apart three minutes after judging?

Creativity: How much creativity or imagination went into the development of the freestyled or ‘fake’ facial hair. Styling aids, decorations and costumes are encouraged as part of the overall look.

After final judging, the winning contestants announced on the main stage.

Need inspiration before the event?