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Whether you’ve lived here your entire life, are new to the area or are just visiting for the Frostival, there’s probably a lot more to see in do here than you ever imagined.  Check out the resources we’ve rounded up for you for the best eats, sleeps and doings in the community (in between Frostival events of course)!

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  • Canoeing & kayaking on the Red River in Fargo-Moorhead July 17, 2018
    Water-lovers don’t have to leave town to find some high-quality H2O activities. The Red River, which often gets overlooked, provides plenty of water-based fun, from fishing and boating to the theme of this post: canoeing and kayaking. Below are all the details on getting on the water in Fargo. Rent a kayak or ...READ MORE […]
  • How to drink like a Midwesterner July 15, 2018
    With a rich Scandinavian and German heritage, Fargoans tend to adapt many of their ancestors’ drinking habits. Here are some ways to keep up with us when you’re here: Put odd things in your beer Although we do like our craft beer in the Midwest, a lot of us also partake in a ...READ MORE […]
  • Things to do in Fargo if you’re under 21 July 12, 2018
    It sometimes feels like Fargo is built around 21+ activities – seventeen breweries, distilleries, cideries, and wineries, a thriving downtown bar scene, and endless mug nights are proof of that. Some would say it’s rough being underage in Fargo. Others, that it’s downright boring. Hopefully this guide of things to do if you’re under ...READ MORE […]
  • Taste of Fargo-Moorhead: Red River Valley Fair July 12, 2018
    Some people go to the Red River Valley Fair for the rides, the concerts, and the cute-as-heck animals, but we know the real showstopper: the food. Stands upon stands of delicious food wait just inside the gates (which are free admission during the weekdays over the lunch hours – 11 to 1 – in case ...READ MORE […]