North of Normal Games

Fargo's cold. We get it. But it's not the frigid tundra you may think it is.

There's actually a lot going on in the winter, and Frostival's North of Normal Games are just the tip of the iceberg (just to clarify, we don't actually have icebergs).

These games were set up to make cold, cool, and to get you outside and active even in the coldest winter months, January and February, when the average daytime temperature is 18°F.

Any and all competitive events at Frostival count as a North of Normal Game, from running down Broadway in your undies to playing kickball to building a massive snow sculpture.

Like Fargo, the Games are a little bit off-center, a little weird, and a whole lotta fun.

2020 Games Coming Soon!

Every year the Games get crazier and "cooler".  Here are a few from past events.

Beard Invasion

Open to all ages, genders, and beard types! Enter your face in one of four categories: Moustache, Partial Beard, Full Beard, or Creative

 Human Curling

Grab your team and compete in our inaugural Human Curling competition! Teams of 4 will take turns sledding down a hill, aiming for the target at the bottom.

Norseman & Norsewoman Challenge

The Norseman & Norsewoman Challenge will consist of three outdoor events that will test your endurance, stamina, strength and your "living up North" skills.

Reverse Dog Sled Race

Think dog sledding, then reverse the positions of the humans and the pup! Teams consist of 2 pullers (humans) and one dog. The race is timed, and the best time wins!

Snow Sculpture Competition

Open to the public this year, sculpt a snowy masterpiece that will be judged against others in its category.

Undie Run

Brave the cold, drop your pants, and run around the block in just your knickers! Presented by Park Co. Realtors

Events have everything from tailgating to live music... you just have to choose the ones you really want to try!