We don’t have answers to all of life’s questions, but we can offer you answers on everything Frostival related. If you still have questions after reading through this page, feel free to call us or shoot us an email!

Frequently Asked Questions

January 26-27, 2018
The Frostival will be held at various location throughout the Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo community.

Friday, January 26

Saturday, January 27

See the schedule of events here.

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Sign up online and we will get in contact with you! It only takes a minute or two to fill out! Sign up.
Day of registration will be accommodated based on availability.  We encourage you to register ahead of time to secure your spot!
Cold.  It’s WINTER! We do have heated buildings, tents or some other warming mechanisms available at most (again we emphasize most) activities.  We do live in North Dakota and Minnesota, though, so you should dress in your weather appropriate clothes.
Most events and activities are Free! There are fees to participate in some of the activities.
Public transportation & taxis are available. There is parking in & around town based on availability.
Yes, however the majority of the events and activities will be taking place outdoors…in the snow.
There will be opportunities to participate throughout the Frostival. Contact Stephonie at stephonie@frostival.com to learn more.

Friday, January 26

Saturday, January 27
Downtown Sound 8PM-11PM

Refund policy information for each of the events can be found on the supporting partner’s websites.
Will there be food? spff. What a silly question!  Isn’t food a mainstay in any Midwestern event? Of course. At the Opening Kick-Off, area food vendors will be around with food (mainly snack/finger food items) for purchase and some activities will have concessions available.


No, sorry.  The events and activities for the event are pet free.
There will be seating available at most of the events and activities.
Yah Sure You Betcha!


If a situation occurs where there is an emergency weather situation,  the Frostival planning committee reserves the right to temporarily suspend event operations. If weather occurs for longer than a “temporary” situation, the Frostival organizers reserve the right to close down the event for the safety of event patrons. Most events will operate snow or shine. However, shall the temperatures fall below -10° F OR -30° F with wind chill all outdoor events and activities will be cancelled. All indoor activities and events will continue as scheduled. In the event of severe inclement weather; i.e. blizzard conditions, the Frostival planning committee reserves the right to cancel the event entirely.
Please let your children know ahead of time that if they become lost, to go to the Fargo-Moorhead CVB booth and tell one of the event staff or security.
Yes, at the Fargo-Moorhead CVB booth. See policies below for more information.


Guests found in possession of contraband items will be subject to expulsion from the event.

Smoking is prohibited in ALL entertainment, activity, and game areas.  Please be respectful of your fellow Frostival goers.

Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
Illegal drugs and alcohol are prohibited in ALL entertainment, activity, and game areas.  Please be respectful of your fellow Frostival goers.

Photography & Videography
Use of cameras is permitted. Entrance onto event premises provides the Frostival with your consent to use event photographs and videos for promotional purposes.

Disorderly Conduct
Guests who fail to abide by Frostival policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the event.

Firearms / Weapons
Guests are prohibited from bringing weapons onto event premises.

Lost and Found
Items found before, during, or after an event should be turned into the Fargo-Moorhead CVB booth. Items will then be turned into the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau, logged in and kept at the office for 30 days. Items may be passed to the local authority, donated to charity or disposed of at the discretion of management after 30 days.

Panhandling / Soliciting
Panhandling is not allowed. Only Frostival authorized vendors and sponsors will be permitted in the event areas.