Snow Sculpture Application

Does your business want to be a part of Frostival’s third-annual snow sculpture competition? Read below for all the details on getting involved.

The snow sculpture competition, hosted by the Moorhead Business Association alongside Moorhead Parks & Recreation, allows businesses to participate in one of two ways:

  • Sponsor an artist who will create a sculpture on behalf of your business, with input from you. The idea is for the artist to express a creative vision relating to your business, not to simply create a straightforward marketing piece such your logo.
  • People from your business can create a sculpture themselves.

Sculptures will be built at the Frostival hub known as Frozen Fortress. You can find it at Moorhead’s Viking Ship Park near the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center. Sculpting can begin in the days leading up to January 26, 2019, and continue on the day of.  The MBA will help provide forms/frames for the building process.

Contest winners will be decided the afternoon of Jan. 26 and awards will be presented at a ceremony at 3:30 pm. There will be a judging panel with the public vote counting as one vote.

Winning sculptures will receive custody of the traveling trophy (one for the business and one for the artist).

What are the benefits to my business?


  • Throughout the day as the public watches the sculptures being built (many activities will be happening at the Hjemkomst that day)
  • At the awards ceremony
  • Through marketing the MBA does for the project
  • Through any media coverage and your business’s own publicity

Culture-building and employee pride and engagement

  • Through a traveling trophy if your business wins an award
  • Through input into the sculpture’s design
  • Through teamwork if your business is building the sculpture itself
  • Through photographing your sculpture and displaying photographs at your business, if you choose to do so

What does it cost?

If your business will be using an outside artist to create your sculpture, there is a $300 fee. $250 of that fee will compensate the artist for his or her skill, time, and tools, and $50 will help cover costs associated with the awards ceremony

If your business will be creating a sculpture with your own staff (not using an outside artist), there is a $50 fee to help cover costs associated with the awards ceremony and promotion of the event.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out the form below or email Sheri Larson ( or Jeff Quam (

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