Huge thank you to all sponsors for making Frostival possible and helping us show the world that cold is cool.

Presenting sponsor of the kickball tournament

Presenting sponsor of Cardboard Sled Races

Presenting sponsor of the volleyball tournament

Presenting sponsor of the Cocoa Cook-Off

Presenting sponsor of the Base Camp
heated tent and stage

Winter Survival Club


Join our Winter Survival Club to get your company name recognized on our sponsor page, plus get 2 invites to our post-event appreciate party and 2 drink tickets for the beer garden at Opening Kick-Off.

Join the Winter Survival Club

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Become a Sponsor

You may be asking yourself, "What is Frostival exactly, and why would I want to be a sponsor?". That's exactly what we're here to talk to you about!

We all complain about the Midwest cold from time to time, but the truth is that - at the very least- we find some parts of it enjoyable. Don't we all secretly take pride in the fact that WE can survive the northern winters? We are a tough and resilient group that feels like we have been initiated into a highly respected club.

So what could we do to embrace winter? Give the locals something else to talk about aside from shoveling and if the car started? Maybe add a few members to the elite club? How could we show the world that winter is an exhilarating season to experience, not run from?

Our answer to these questions was Frostival. A celebration of all things winter so huge that it could not be contained by just one city, but instead spans across three; Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo. Why not play golf or kickball in the snow, or relax with some yoga when it's -10 degrees. So what if it's cold, let the people race in the annual Undie Run down Broadway! Frostival is our way of celebrating winter in one of the coolest places around.

Below are the ways you can join us in making it even cooler.